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January 2, 2011

Tattered Results

Once again, my hopes were high when I turned on the Rose Bowl tonight. The University of Wisconsin, my alma mater, was playing in this featured championship game for the second consecutive year. Since I attended college, each time the Badgers have won the Rose Bowl I’ve purchased a sweatshirt to celebrate their victory, and my current model, circa 2000, is more than ready for replacement.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I certainly wouldn’t discard this cherished piece of clothing for a new one. I’ve worn this sweatshirt regularly since early 2000 and was pregnant with Cameron (now 11 and in sixth-grade) when it arrived on my doorstep following Wisconsin’s victory over Stanford that year. Even after one cuff fell off and a shoulder seam tore, it’s still one of my favorite wardrobe items to wear around the house.

Unfortunately, a new sweatshirt wasn’t meant to be. I will still be seen in this tattered and well-loved version at least another year because, although it was a gallant battle, Wisconsin lost to Oregon 45-38.



  1. Lucinda Denton

    Yep….we too pulled for Wisconsin and I didn’t even intend to watch the game but got into it and one to remember!!! Love the shirt……..

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