Tricia Booker Photography

January 12, 2012

Road Work View

Few people like road work, but it’s a necessary evil for those of us who drive. (Most of us!) So, today I had more than my fair share as I first drove Cameron to school this morning and then returned to pick him up just two hours later when he called to tell me he was feeling sick. My route from home to school happens to be over Route 50, a two-lane highway that’s currently undergoing an upgrade in telephone lines/poles. Each day we face one, if not two, sections that are closed to two-way traffic with just one alternating lane open.

Thankfully, I’m usually not in a hurry, and today’s double trip just gave me the opportunity to sit behind the tall, red stop sign and pull out my iPhone. While those behind me were no doubt texting away and tapping impatiently on their steering wheels, I took some photos of a favorite tree, which sits alone at a distance in the middle of this soybean field. I couldn’t get very close from the driver’s seat, but I was happy that at least my quick shots were pleasing to the eye.

Yes, there’s a reflection from my windshield on the right and the power lines on the top left aren’t exactly scenic, but I learned today that my iPhone helps to make even road work much more tolerable.


  1. Funny you should say “favorite tree.” I’ve got a favorite tree in every place we’ve lived. I would love to go back and visit them just to see if they’re still standing (because my favorite trees are often dead). Love this and thanks for reminding me that I need to get busy finding a favorite tree here.

    • Thanks so much for the comment! I have several “favorite” trees that I enjoy observing on my daily routine, including this sycamore. It stands all alone in the middle of a farm field with the Blue Ridge Mountain as a backdrop. I think I’m going to work on taking more photos of it this year for my blog, although it’s a bit tricky to access as it’s on a busy highway. But you are right, what if it disappears one day? I’d like to have a few images of it just in case.

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