Tricia Booker Photography

January 14, 2012

A Cut Above

I just love this barber shop, which is so unassuming that the sign out front simply says “The Barber Shop.” Cameron and I stopped in here one day about a year ago just to check it out. I made the mistake of asking for a standard cut, not realizing that it would be done primarily with clippers. But Cam was a good sport, and despite the ribbing he took for his “buzz cut,” we really liked the atmosphere and the girls who work there. Now, we understand the terminology, and Cam (on the right) is a regular and knows to ask for a “trim above the ears.”

The eclectic charm of this barber shop is evident in the signage on the walls, the checkerboard floors and the antique barber chairs. I particularly enjoy the ever-changing decorations, including the sign near the door that exclaims in bold letters: “We Take Cash.” On this Saturday morning, the shop was packed with mostly fathers and sons, and the laughter and chatter of regular customers reminded me of the charm of living in a small town. And, I enjoy the fact that there remains a place you can go where the old-fashioned “first-come, first-served” is still a respected and honored system.



    • Thanks! I just think this is the coolest place! It must be how all of the old barber shops used to be. It was funny, we used to take Cam to this salon where it was so formal, and he hated it! He actually enjoys going here, well, maybe a better description is that he doesn’t complain as much!

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