Tricia Booker Photography

January 16, 2012

Cold Blue

The bright sun and beautiful blue sky today was really misleading. As I spent the day in my office, I’d periodically get up to check the bird feeders and see who was out and about; it looked so inviting. So when Peppermint and I finally went out to take a walk around the yard at lunch time, I was woefully under-dressed and didn’t stay outside for long.

This winter has been a challenge because of the wildly fluctuating temperatures. One day the high will be a balmy 60 degrees, and then a cold front will blow by and leave us with sub-freezing highs and lows. While my skiing persona has been disappointed with the winter weather so far, all of my others—mother, chauffeur, equestrian, photographer, etc.—have been thrilled to not have to deal with snow days, icy roads, frozen riding rings and cold fingers. Now I just need to knock on wood…otherwise we’ll have a foot of snow next week!


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