Tricia Booker Photography

January 17, 2012

Up The Mountain

Driving up Paris Mountain this morning, I was struck again by how different the climate has been this winter at our elevation of 1,926 feet. From the freak October snow storm that dumped 9 inches of snow on our green-leafed trees, to the cold fog banks and clinging rain clouds, it seems the mountain has developed its own microclimate.

Today, for instance, I left the mountain in pouring rain to pick up Cameron, only to reach Middleburg, just 18 miles east, and find sunny skies and patchy clouds. As I returned home and watched the vibrant oranges, reds and magentas of a picture-perfect sunset play out on the horizon, it all disappeared just a few miles from home, replaced by formidable clouds and snow flurries.

Living up on the mountain ridge has always brought its own challenges, but at least this year I feel a bit more prepared—thanks to the generosity of my parents, I now have a generator in the garage waiting for the next big storm.


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