Tricia Booker Photography

January 18, 2012

Peppermint Smile

This afternoon our Hill School walk took a decidedly more exciting turn when Peppermint met a new friend. With the name Riptide, you had to think this Goldendoodle has a sense of humor, and he most certainly does. I was a little apprehensive in introducing Peppermint to this bouncy, happy young dog, thinking the Jack Russell in her would come out with some aggression. But she seemed immediately at ease with this puppy four times her size, and even when he pounced on her and placed his paw on her back, she just took off into a game of chase.

It turns out that Riptide’s owner, Anne, often brings him to romp around the Hill School grounds before picking up her son Rowan. Peppermint and I usually walk in the mornings, but I may just change our schedule now and then since she had such a good time with Riptide. Although she enjoys her walks with me, her big smile told me that having some dog-bonding time is important, too.



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