Tricia Booker Photography

January 21, 2012

Winter Tree

The winter weather advisory today was a blessing in disguise. I wasn’t tempted to keep my plans intact and risk further irritating my healing neck. The roads were too icy for me to go to the barn to see my horse, and then my evening cooking class was postponed until next week due to poor weather and slippery conditions.

Cameron spent the night at Bryce Resort with his classmate Alex and his family, leaving me an almost eerily quiet house in which to work. I did take the camera out for some photographs this afternoon, but the dense clouds and snow flurries didn’t offer much contrast so a monochrome look was in order. Interestingly, seeing the world in black and white was fitting for me today—when you’re dealing with a pain issue you realize how you see the world as either painful or pain-free, much like a black-and-white photograph. Although I’ve always loved working in black-and-white, I do look forward to returning to color!

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