Tricia Booker Photography

January 22, 2012

In Flight

Is it spring yet? Even though that thought flitted through my mind, the feeling of my icy fingers on the camera shutter told me otherwise. As I watched this flock of Canada geese fly by, honking in unison, I noticed they were flying south, not north. So I suppose that means that spring won’t be coming any time soon.

In reality, that’s OK. I still feel as if I haven’t really gotten my full dose of winter yet. I’ve only made it to the ski slopes once, I’ve used my four-wheel drive twice, and Cameron hasn’t had a single snow day because the one snowstorm we had (9 inches in October) fell only on our mountain on a weekend.

Perhaps I’ll regret typing these words when we have a blizzard next week, but maybe not. Some of my fondest winter memories are surviving huge snowstorms with family and close friends, the tired but fulfilling feeling of digging out (and in, once), enduring power outages, grilling random food on the Weber, reading books by candlelight, and snuggling under blankets and comforters. Winter may bring cold weather, but it often warms my heart.

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