Tricia Booker Photography

January 23, 2012


This week appears to be a busy one with multiple deadlines and projects all coming together concurrently. Today I spent some time selecting and editing photographs for promotional and media materials in preparation for next month’s World Championship Hunter Rider Spectacular in Florida. Although I certainly spent time going through my photos from last year’s event, after returning to them with fresh eyes I found a few more that I decided were worth pulling out.

This is actually a shot I took as a test just prior the horse and rider walking up for a formal awards shoot with presenters and sponsors. She paused for a moment to adjust the mare’s blanket and give her horse a reassuring pat. I cropped out the people to the left and used a few Photoshop filters, including Palette Knife, to give the image an artsy feel. One of my goals for 2012 is to expand my knowledge in a variety of software programs, including Photoshop, so I may take the opportunity to experiment with some images in my blog. Any feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions would be most welcome!



  1. Beautiful, Tricia! Have you tried Adobe Pixel Bender – free plug in? Dave Cross has a video training series on Kelby Training website (Photo Painting Basics with Adobe Photoshop CS5). I tried the oil paint option with basic settings a few times for a subtle result. I have not tried all the steps that Dave outlines, but it would be fun to try sometime.

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