Tricia Booker Photography

January 27, 2012

On the Slopes

A week makes a big difference, especially this particular week. Last Friday I spent the day at the doctor dealing with severe neck pain, and after a week of rest and some changes in my sleeping habits I’m feeling back to normal. Even though Cam had no school and a full day of skiing, I only spent a few hours on the slopes.

It was a nice afternoon to return to action, and on my last run of the day it felt so great to fly down the mountain, carving turns and feeling the wind in my face. I’m thankful that my issue was only temporary, but it was a good reminder that good health shouldn’t be taken for granted.



  1. Lucinda Denton

    NEAT SHOT!!! You are so lucky as I never learned to ski. I took skiing lessons just once and never could even stand up so I knew it wasn’t for me….unfortunately.

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