Tricia Booker Photography

January 28, 2012

Almond Cake

This photograph doesn’t do justice to the taste of this amazing cake. I can’t take credit for this beautiful and tasty creation, though, as it was a group effort. Tonight was my second cooking class with my friend and fellow blogger Emily Tyler (Dwelling in Middleburg). And what an amazing feast it was.

In addition to this wonderful Almond Cake, we started our feast with Chicken in Lettuce Wraps and then a lovely poached salmon fillet with a blender hollandaise sauce, salad and tender baby potatoes. Cooking has never been my forte’, and as I thought about my past experiences in the kitchen, I figured out that maybe one reason is because it’s just not as fun to cook alone. Tonight I enjoyed the company of Emily, Christy and Pam while we chopped, blended, mixed, cooked and baked, laughed and shared stories while we worked.

In the end, the dinner received the thumbs up from all the husbands who had observed the preparations. The five boys, ages 8-12, were more discerning, nibbling on a few of the wraps but finding much more satisfaction in the Tombstone pizzas and ice cream bars that were quickly consumed. Perhaps some day I’ll make a salmon filet that passes the Cameron test!


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