Tricia Booker Photography

February 1, 2012

The Hill School art building at sunset is pretty amazing. The golden glow to the west lights up the building, creating a warmth that seems to permeate the building. This is one of Cameron’s favorite places at school, and once again the midterm grades we received today reflected that he has an affinity for art and enjoys his time with Ms. Conti.

As I strolled through the campus on the way to pick him up tonight, I stopped at the art building to peer in the windows at the projects in progress. Art class was one of my favorites as well, and although I don’t recall many of my early teachers I do remember the names of several elementary school art teachers. One in particular was a great influence on me, and despite my penchant for drawing, painting and sculpting only horses, she encouraged me, never forcing me to choose a different subject.

I’m glad that Cameron has discovered a love of the arts, and I hope that no matter where he finds his niche in life that he always appreciates the beauty along the way.


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