Tricia Booker Photography

February 2, 2012


Ready seemed like the perfect word. I’m ready for a change, ready for a new challenge. Just ready.

I’ve subscribed to the The Daily Post at WordPress for some time, a motivational tool for bloggers who post frequently. The Daily Post is intended to jump-start your imagination and offer you an idea, thought or catalyst for blogging. I’ve found some of the ideas quite creative, but I really hadn’t figured out how to incorporate them into my world. Then I received The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge titled “Ready.” The timing couldn’t have been better.

This photograph immediately came to mind so I retrieved it from my files. It’s an Arabian stallion at liberty, trotting away from me. He has his tail flagged, an arched neck and is ready to go. He’s ready for action and to fly away as Arabians do, with the floaty gaits and energy that propels them effortlessly across the ground.

Like this stallion, I’m ready to move forward. I’m looking to add some new creative touches to my blog posts this year, perhaps pulling some past favorites from my library and experimenting with some new editing software. And, although I don’t say it enough, I appreciate all of the comments, likes and followers who join me each day. It’s a pleasure to have you with me on this journey.


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