Tricia Booker Photography

February 3, 2012

Ayrshire Shires

Today’s commute from Paris to Middleburg was a bit more exciting than usual. As we approached Middleburg on Route 50, a quartet of white-tail deer decided to cross the road. They dropped down from a steep embankment, and before I knew it I had deer in front of my truck, leaping over the hood and careening toward the passenger side window. Miraculously, no impact was made, and even the attentive driver behind me managed to stop in time when I hit the brakes. No coffee needed this morning to wake me up!

On the way back, I came upon a much more peaceful moment when a unicorn hitch of Ayrshire Shires trotted by me on Trappe Road. I pass by their farm on the way home from the barn and enjoy seeing the wide variety of  rare and endangered livestock grazing in their fields. My iPhone was challenged with the backlit scene, so I added a few Photoshop filters, including crosshatch, to give the photo a more painterly look. Although I wish I’d had my DSLR with me, I was happy to have been quick enough with the iPhone to compose a pleasing moment. But I don’t think even my Nikon would have been fast enough to stop those crazy deer in action this morning.


    • Thank you so much! I do find that my iPhone is a nice substitute and is always in my pocket. I am planning to explore some other software as well. From other photographers’ work I see that you can have a lot of fun with filters and borders, too.

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