Tricia Booker Photography

February 5, 2012

Snow Crystals

An unseasonably warm January has continued on into February, but we did have a light snow fall overnight that left the mountain with a delicate white coating this morning. A foggy white haze remained covering the Blue Ridge, and periods of light snow fell periodically as the sun worked its way through cracks in the cloud bank. Before I went to the barn, I took a few photos, catching buds on this Bradford pear cloaked in white crystals.

This poor tree has withstood a difficult season after almost losing its life during the October Snowstorm when 9 inches covered its leafy crown and nearly brought it down. I hope that it recovers this spring and bounces back to life, and although it’s been a dismal winter for skiing, perhaps the trees are thankful that it’s been mostly warm and dry.


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