Tricia Booker Photography

February 8, 2012

Evening Snow

Around here, even the threat of snow creates stampedes at the grocery stores, shuts down schools before the first flake falls, and generally wreaks havoc on the brains of otherwise normal people. Today’s ominous weather report, which called for snow showers through the day with little to no accumulation except for the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge (that’s us), was met with disbelief.

So, even though the sun was still breaking through the overcast this morning, my well-orchestrated day was upended due to the non-existent snow. Plans were changed and postponed, and I shuffled everything around. In the end, I did manage to make progress on the two website projects I’m working on, which, of course, were done online where the weather generally isn’t a factor. But Cameron will be happy to know that thanks to today’s “snow storm” I was able to employ his word of the week—ominous—into my weekly blog.


  1. Don’t ya just love what the media calls it “The threat of snow.” Let’s ensue panic to the masses…OH MY GOSH IT’S GOING TO SNOW or RAIN or BE HOT or COLD.
    Great post Tricia!!!

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