Tricia Booker Photography

February 12, 2012

Snowy Home

The builder who constructed our house must have needed a lot of dynamite to blast through all of the boulders. We are fortunate to have a half-dozen leftovers that grace the edges of our yard, creating great habitat for wildlife, fun places for Cameron to play and even nice photo ops for me. This large rock, about eight feet wide, sits just off the driveway and is a haven for creatures that have tunneled underneath to build dens.

Although it’s a part of Peppermint’s territory, many don’t seem deterred by a fluffy Jack Russell roaming around. Today in the fresh snow I saw a variety of tracks leading to the edge of the rock, including ground squirrels and raccoons. I suppose with bird feeders in easy reach and abundant dead wood for hiding, it’s worth the slight risk they have in outrunning a small fat dog.


    • Yes, it was probably the same one! Cameron just asked me yesterday if we could have a vegetable garden this summer. Not without a great deal of effort as our soil is so rocky and thin up here. Maybe some day we’ll try adding some raised beds, but it’s not super high on my list…flowers for the birds and butterflies lead the way!

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