Tricia Booker Photography

February 23, 2012

Hill Tree III

Each spring, The Hill School holds an auction, which is the school’s primary fundraiser. The auction holds a special place in my heart because well before I had Cameron—who is now a sixth-grader there—and several years before I was married, I got the best dog I’ve ever had through the auction. After 16 wonderful years, he passed away from old age in 2009.

Over the years, I’ve donated a variety of items to the auction to support Hill and its mission. This year, I’m putting together a collection of photographs of The Hill School’s tree, which stands majestically at the highest point of the campus and is an area landmark. Today, I hiked up to photograph the tree at sunset, with a golden glow lighting the landscape. I’ve come to admire this tree and have photographed it in the different seasons, from various angles and over several years. I hope that others find this tree as fascinating and meaningful as I do and that someone has a special place in their home for it after the auction concludes.


  1. That is a stunningly beautiful tree. And your were able to capture its beauty in a very telling way. The light is enhancing the form of the tree and makes the landscape glow. And by using a low camera angel you were able to make the tree free against the sky. Great work!

    • Wow, thank you for the great comments, Otto! I’m so fortunate to live in a beautiful area where these opportunities exist.

      Thank you, too, for the comments you’ve made on my website. I truly appreciate your visits and your thoughts on my photos are a great way for me to better understand what is working. Always striving to improve!

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