Tricia Booker Photography

February 24, 2012

THIS Memory

It’s funny how memories work. Sometimes a song on the radio, a familiar smell or a particular taste will engage your brain. Waves of nostalgia, longing or heartache will suddenly wash over you, and even if you were previously peaceful and happy, suddenly you feel your entire being moved and transformed. That’s what happened to me this week when I received a simple call looking for a photograph for Taylor Harris Insurance Services.

I had a dear friend who used to design the ads for THIS before she passed away in 2009, way before her time. We used to sit at my computer in our shared house and pick out photographs together, and I was always amazed by her creativity and vision. She would see an image she liked and suddenly what I considered “just another photograph” became a work of art in her ad creation. We had many wonderful years together, and I still miss her so much.

Ironically, the new ad designer had no idea of my previous affiliation with THIS. She saw one of my recently published photos and thought I might have what she was seeking. What they prepared is so beautiful and such a touching tribute to my friend. She would have loved the elegant simplicity of this design and how it closely follows her original promotional series.

People often say life comes full circle. In this case, the circle will never be complete again, but seeing this beautiful ad for THIS today helped me to remember a wonderful time in my life.


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