Tricia Booker Photography

February 28, 2012


This week’s A-Z Archive Challenge is the letter “I.” As I was thinking about my recent photographs and some adjectives beginning with that letter, the word intense came to mind. Each time I photograph raptors, I’m just struck by their intensity. Even though the birds featured in the flight demonstrations at The Center for Birds of Prey in South Carolina are captive now due to past injuries, they never lose their wildness and keenness for life. In addition, being able to photograph them in such close proximity is an intense experience for me as well!


  1. Lucinda

    A preview!!! THANK YOU!!! Daughter Liz gave me the gift of a private tour at the SC Raptor Center for my 75th birthday! I will enjoy it the next time I am in Charlotte. We have been there previously as I adore birds….. particularly owls but hawks definitely are more INTENSE!

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