Tricia Booker Photography

March 1, 2012


“Cam has no fear.” It was touching to hear one of his sports coaches stop me to tell me how well he’s doing in gymnastics. At the end of our conversation, he mentioned that Cam’s lack of fear is one of his most endearing traits but also a source of concern for his coaches.

How the memories came flooding back! He could have been describing me at Cam’s age. I was fearless on the diving board, the trampoline and in gymnastics, where I was always pushing myself to try new skills. If I crashed in the process, it didn’t faze me, and I’d be even more determined to push on until I got it right.

Today, Cam participated in the Hill School Gymnastics Assembly where a selection of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders performed for the lower school students. Cam was proud to be chosen for vault and floor, and he had a blast. Even though he told me he was nervous, that slight smile never left his face, even in midair. I know how he felt.



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