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A-Z Archive: J

A-Z Archive: Jump

For this week’s A-Z Archive the featured letter is “J”. Since the sport of show jumping is my focus, I thought I’d post one of my all-time favorite jumping shots. I took this image of British show jumper Robert Smith aboard Marius Claudius during the Bank of Montreal Nations Cup at the 2010 Spruce Meadows Masters in Calgary, Alberta. The stallion is jumping in perfect form, and the horse and rider share the same focused and intent expression that reveals the depth of their partnership.

I really like the description Robert gives on his website of his now-retired mount: “Claude is an extremely talented and versatile horse who tries every inch of the way. Whether he is at home or competing at an international show, Claude’s kind and genuine temperament makes working with him an absolute pleasure.”

You can truly see through this image that they both enjoy what they’re doing, and that’s the moment I love to capture!


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