Tricia Booker Photography

A-Z Archive: K

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

This week’s A-Z Archive is the letter “K,” and it was more challenging than past letters. I had a number of thoughts as I roamed through my 2011  images where soccer “kicks” were plentiful, “kids” played games and “kisses” were caught on occasion. Then, I recalled my evening spent last summer on the Mall, when for the first time I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

As the sun set, I photographed the monument and observed the many people pausing to pay their respects. Some were solemn, some laughed with joy and a few shed tears as they finally came face-to-face with a long-awaited tribute to a hero. It was a reflective evening that reminded me of how far we’ve come but also the distance we have yet to travel on this continuing path to equality.


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