Tricia Booker Photography

Owl Evening

Eastern Screech Owl

We were fortunate to have Cameron’s spring break coincide with The Center For Birds of Prey’s special Owl Evening. We traveled to South Carolina on Wednesday so we could be there for Thursday’s festivities. It was a rare opportunity to see a variety of owls and to view some of their newest arrivals, including a pair of Barn Owl owlets just a few weeks old and so fluffy and fragile.


Usually, the center’s flight demonstrations include an owl, but it’s held during the daylight hours when the nocturnal birds should be sleeping. This time, we were on the owls’ schedules, and it was dusk when the first ones took to the air to show their flying prowess. You could only feel the whoosh of owls overhead because they’re silent fliers, and several times an owl skimmed my hair as it flew by to its handler.

Barn Owl

In addition to learning more about these amazing birds of prey and viewing new species, we were also witness to a rehabilitated owl being released back into the wild. It was a very special night and wonderful to experience owls interacting with us in their comfort zone. I certainly have a new appreciation for their talents, and I’ll no longer think of the night as simply empty and dark.


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