Tricia Booker Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Through the Window

Two years ago, a Brown-Headed Cowbird fell in love with his reflection in our sliding glass door. He would sit on our deck furniture for hours, preening and cooing to himself as he tried, with no avail, to secure himself as his mate. Last year we had our old deck torn down and enlarged, and through the commotion he never materialized.

But this spring he’s back. He discovered our new French door and has claimed the door handle as his new territory. He sits there for hours each morning, tapping on the glass and showing off for himself in the reflection. This morning I managed to sneak up on him and get some photos through the glass before he caught my movement and flew off. While I’m not a fan of this bird due to its predisposition to lay its eggs in other birds’ nests for them to raise, I still find this guy pretty amusing and am entertained by his antics. And, perhaps since he’s not really having any luck, so to speak, that’s one less Cowbird to reproduce this season!


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