Tricia Booker Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Ducks In A Row

This image immediately came to mind when I read that the Weekly Photo Challenge was the word “Arranged.” I watched this trio of Blue-Winged Teal preening together for several minutes. When they first alighted on the log they scanned their surroundings, then began the ritual of cleaning feathers. It seemed as if they’d practiced this choreography many times before, and the “lead” male on the right was just a fraction ahead as if setting the rhythm of their preening. Not only were the teal arranged in harmony on this submerged log, but they were also arranging their feathers for their next flight.


  1. Michael Fishman

    Interesting picture. I had no idea they were on a submerged log until I read the description. I thought they were on grass and I couldn’t figure out what the little ridge was!

  2. jbheronneau

    Great shot!

    I really like how the ducks pose on this picture… And the green background is very cool:


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