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A-Z Archive: P

Pinto Power

Owning a Pinto has pros and cons. On the one hand, your friends can always find you in a crowd at a horse show, but on the flip side you’re always working hard to keep the whites white, since as one friend says, “There’s no room for error. He’s either white or he’s dirty.” Having a Pinto is also rewarding if you’re a photographer. I don’t have to worry as much about overly light or dark backgrounds, blowing out his whites (he has browns and blacks to balance them unlike a gray horse), and both sides offer interesting patterns, colors and highlights.

So, for this week’s A-Z Archive: P, I pulled out and edited an image of my Pinto that I’d skipped from last summer’s shoot. Even though it appears that I’m in a precarious situation, you can see he has his right ear cocked and is turning just in front of me. This challenge is a great way to revisit your files with a fresh look, and to maybe discover another favorite that was overlooked during the first time around.


  1. I LOVE your horse! He is perfectly marked and beautiful! I have been around horses all my life and not seen many pintos like him. My mare Melody is out of a paint….she is a bay roan…I call her “My Horse of Many Colors” as her coat changes with each season! You nailed it with this shot:)

  2. Beautiful photo! I love horses and used to ride them as a child. However, they kinda scare me now… Even if I know a horse is trained I still know they are so much more powerful than little ole me! Great revisit to an old image. Wonderful post!

    • Thanks, Polly! They are powerful animals, and it’s something to always remember. Thankfully, this one is really kind, and I have a lot of trust in him. He had an excellent trainer to start him, which I think makes a huge difference. He is a good-natured horse who enjoys people.

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