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Poised For Action

This year, my plan was to invest in a nice point-and-shoot camera so I didn’t have to carry a big DSLR with me when I just wanted to take some images for myself or perhaps attend a function as a guest and not a photographer. I’d investigated a variety of wonderful cameras from Fuji, Olympus and Nikon. I’d even added one to my Amazon wish list just a few months ago. But then, when my iPhone needed an upgrade, I purchased a 4S and discovered the wonderful camera that came with it.

Now, I’m not so sure I really need that new camera. I’ve really enjoyed working with the iPhone and the many apps available. The image quality is superb, and I’ve even enlarged and produced several large canvas prints with great results. I’ve also had fun working with the different filters and editing tools that offer so many creative choices it’s almost overwhelming.

This image of a Great Blue Heron was taken on the iPhone in Camera+ then modified with several filters—clarity and faded—and a creative border added. No, it’s not the quality image that a Nikon could capture, but it was the camera on hand at the time and a moment that I’ll enjoy recalling thanks to the iPhone in my pocket.


    • Yes, it’s really a fun camera! There are so many great apps for it, too. I just started experimenting with a few of them and when I’d read a good review for another app I’d try it. So far my favorite is Camera+ with Snapseed not far behind. I’ve also enjoyed Instagram as well.

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