Tricia Booker Photography

Lacrosse Action

Sixth-Grader Justin

This week’s Hill lacrosse schedule included a game against Loudoun Country Day School and a rematch with Powhatan. I felt a little more comfortable photographing the games this week and started to anticipate the action better. We have some super talented players, especially those in the eighth-grade, such as Harry, whom I enjoyed  following with the camera this week (love the expression on the LCDS player’s face as Harry charged by).

Eighth-Grader Harry

Due to a smaller number of boys in the seventh and eighth grades, Hill had to recruit a group of sixth-graders onto the varsity team. Out on the field, you can really see the size difference, but our scrappy and athletic sixth-graders hold their own!

Sixth-Grader Connor

Maybe it’s their diminutive stature that also helps them slip in between those hulking eighth-graders to get into shooting range, because the sixth-graders even notched a few impressive scores.

Harry and Jack C. (Sixth-Grader) celebrate a score.

Cameron never played lacrosse until this spring, but he’s quickly found yet another sport he loves and is developing into a valuable team member. He came whisper close to scoring this week in the varsity game but did get his first point in the JV game (the sixth-graders play on both teams). Just like Cam, I’m having a blast learning a new sport this spring!

Sixth-Grader Cameron


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