Tricia Booker Photography



Ironman  joined the world on May 1 at about 5 a.m. and had his first formal photo shoot at 3 p.m.


He was still a bit unsteady on his legs and didn’t always know quite where they should be.

Got milk?

But he figured out quickly where to find his meals and the value of an afternoon nap.


Ironman, his dam Cirena (and sire Copperman) are owned by Denice and Roy Perry.

Ironman and Cirena


  1. Beautiful shots….so precious….that first day the legs are so wobbly and yet no matter what the instinct is so strong to stand and nurse….to see this new world….Momma mare seems a great Mom too….beautiful baby….love the color and the big eyes:) Thank you so much for helping me remember some of the colts and fillies we have had born here…and so far I have gotten to be there for the many births:)

  2. Ah, how precious. It’s when I see pictures like that, coupled with pictures of horses being killed at the race tracks, that I continue to be convinced that horse racing is cruelty to animals.

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