Tricia Booker Photography

Magnolia Morning

Magnolia Morning

As the deadline approached to submit photographs for the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Photo Contest that Cameron and I had entered in March, we had to sit down and sort images. Cameron was really excited to enter his first photography competition and had no difficulty choosing the two photographs he wanted to submit: A red flower and a macro shot of a purple plant with dew drops on it.

I wish it were that easy for me. I had several images that I really liked when I first uploaded my files, but after editing others I’d originally passed by I found a few more that caught my eye. In the end, I chose one from each collection, therefore eliminating this canoe photograph from the contest.

Although I like this shot, I don’t have such fond memories of canoes now after taking a cold dunking in the Potomac River last month during a field trip with Cam’s sixth-grade class. Instead, I submitted a photograph of a bridge…I guess I prefer to stay dry and warm even in my photographs!


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