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Bird Survey

Bird Survey 5

We’re nearing the end of the 2012 Virginia Working Landscapes Bird Survey for the Smithsonian Institution. It’s been a great season, with gorgeous weather and fields full of birds, wildflowers and pollinators. My partner and I have made great progress in identifying more birds by sight and sound since last year, and so our field reports have included some new species.

Today was overcast and foggy when we went out, but as the clouds dissipated it grew increasingly beautiful. Oddly, the birds were unusually quiet, but we did see some of our favorites, such as the family of Orchard Orioles that have a nest near the pond, and the goldfinches that flit from thistle to thistle, adding their bright yellow coloring to the fields of purple flowers. Just one more survey next week, so I’ll be sure to bring my DSLR, although I thought the iPhone photos today turned out just fine.


  1. When I lived in Tx, I went birding often enough to actually be keeping a ife-list. I always keep an eye out for any birds of the field, but have not officially been on a count or field trip in a while. Thanks for the memories!

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