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As the summer of 2012 concludes, I have to admit I’m kind of glad to see it end. I’m ready for a fresh start, a new season to focus on new goals and leave the disappointments and sadness behind.

Purple flowers.

Yesterday, I took some time to sit out on the deck with the hummingbirds during a break from my computer. I hadn’t had much time to enjoy their antics this season, and I know they’ll soon be on their way south. There were two pairs vying to commandeer the feeders on this afternoon, and their chattering, squeaking and dive-bombing totally entertained me.

Quick snack.

Probably because I didn’t spend much time with them over the summer, this group is a bit more skittish around my camera than the birds last year. They don’t linger when they hear the shutter release, so I’m only able to catch a few shots before they dart away. One female was more inquisitive, though, and even hovered over the dog, checking her out at length. She also swooped down to investigate the magazine I was reading, no doubt attracted by the red cover.


I plan to resume regular posts to my blog, and I look forward to reconnecting. Thank you for all of the supportive comments and emails this summer; they meant a great deal to me.

I will miss my  hummingbirds when they migrate, but I’ll have many hardcore winter-loving birds to focus on and enjoy as a new season begins.


  1. Beautiful! I love watching them too. A few days ago, they displayed an amazing show of chasing, challenging and some tricky strategy. Five hummingbirds were fighting for the same feeder. They body slammed each other mid-air, hovered 6 inches apart in face-offs before attacks, and used the many tomato plants in front of the feeder as camouflage. She show went on for an hour, then I saw two form a team. One drank while the other sat nearby on a bamboo tomato stake watching for invaders! Only a week or two left before they migrate. I will miss them!

    • Wow, thanks for the fun account of your birds! We had a few more stop by the feeders this week, and I really enjoyed watching them. The new ones are more timid, so if I’m out on the deck they don’t come over. That gives the residents an edge, and they certainly take advantage of it! I will miss them, too.

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