Tricia Booker Photography

Enjoying The Ride

Denice and Chacca Blue

There’s nothing like having great friends to hang out with when you’re feeling blue. My long-time friend and trainer Denice Perry of Skyland Farm always has a horse for me to ride. So, this past month I’ve enjoyed a few long trail rides with her through the Virginia Hunt Country near her farm in Middleburg, Virginia.

Me with Escada.

Riding this area brings back fond memories, as I spent many years galloping and jumping through these fields in Middleburg and Orange County Hunt territories about 20 years ago when I kept my horses there.

We love the views of Hickory Tree Farm.

It’s been great to enjoy riding just for the simple joy of being with the horses. Although I miss my horse Teddy, who died last month, the intensive training we were doing sometimes overshadowed the fun. Teddy wasn’t yet a seasoned trail horse, so we seldom had the opportunity to travel beyond the boundaries of the farm. So, I’m fortunate to return to the saddle riding some wonderful animals who enjoy cross-country adventures as much as I do!


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