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D.C. Adventure

World War II Memorial

Last weekend I finally returned to Washington, D.C. for a photo shoot. It had been more than a year since I’d spent time in the city, and again I needed an excuse. This time it was a photo seminar I attended with my friend Christy, who is a budding sports photographer and wants to learn more. I initiated the workshop so that we would both be motivated to leave the country for an evening, which is easier said than done!

Our time was well spent. We met up with John Drew from Professional Image, and with just three students on the roster this evening, we received some excellent one-on-one instruction and had a blast. We experimented with different settings on our cameras to achieve different looks, worked on composition and played with the changing light.

Due to some deadlines this week I haven’t been able to spend much time with my images from that evening, but this one did catch my eye as I glanced through. Christy and I have vowed to take at least one photo expedition each month to a different locale, so now that it’s in writing we’ll have to follow through—and I look forward to seeing where our travels take us in October!




  1. Thank you for a lovely picture of a new addition to DC since we lived there. Often, I don’t think or monuments compare with those in Europe but this is indeed spectacular….or is it just your photography and ability to capture the moment. The trio of people on the left give good prospective.

    • This is a pretty impressive monument. This was my second time visiting, and I really do think it’s one of my favorites. I hope to visit the new MLK monument again soon for some photographs. It’s another new one that I’ve only passed by once before.

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