Tricia Booker Photography

Construction Crew

Clarke County Crew Game 3

The Clarke County Crew team members are learning a lot about sportsmanship in this, their first season together. In their four games so far on the Old Dominion Soccer Travel League, the Crew is 1-3.

It’s been a very long time since Cameron has been on a completely new team, and he probably doesn’t remember much about those long ago seasons when the highlight of the day was the snack after the game concluded.

Life is different now. Although being on a team with your friends, hanging out and having fun are important parts of the equation, those letters W-L are pretty high up there, too.

So, Cam’s had to spend some time thinking about what it means to be a team player, how to support your friends through mutual commiseration while also encouraging them and retaining a positive outlook no matter the score.

Clarke County is building character this season, and I’m glad Cam is on the construction crew.



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