Tricia Booker Photography

Hunter Derby

Elmington Hunter Derby Competitor

It’s not often that I photograph a horse show to sell images to the competitors. I make an exception, however, for the Elmington Farm shows where manager Kathie Hamlin produces a true old-fashioned Hunter Derby. I photographed two of Kathie’s shows this year, including the most recent in late September. I just love the images that I can capture of the competitors galloping up and down hills, jumping into and out of the show ring and the natural fences she incorporates.

Before my horse died this summer, I’d planned to take him to these Elmington competitions simply because this is the way I love to show, the way it used to be. And even if I don’t sell a single photo of a competitor galloping across these fields, I’m still happy with my work, because I know that if it were me out there I’d cherish that image—not only for the moment in time that it captures, but also for the unique experience that you rarely see in today’s modern horse show world.


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