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Worldwide Photo Walk

Worldwide Photo Walk

Cameron and I spent the afternoon attending Scott Kelby’s Fifth Annual Worldwide Photo Walk, which drew more than 30,000 photographers around the world for a photo shoot today. Our walk took place in Winchester, Virginia, which offers a variety of great photographic opportunities.

Our photo walk leaders, Art and Joan of Winchester Photo, led about 20 of us on a tour of Old Town Winchester, where we stopped in at the Rouss Fire Company as well as the Handley Library, where we had ample time to get creative. We also spent time on the downtown Pedestrian Mall and photographed an antique car show taking place.

This was my favorite photograph of Cameron today, taken at the library. We had a wonderful time together, and shot a combined total of 400+ photos on our adventure. I’m so glad that we share a love of photography, and I look forward to seeing Cam’s favorite photo from the day after he catches up on his favorite TV show…12-year-olds have their priorities, you know!


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