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Ginkgo Grove

Ginkgo Grove

One of the challenges of taking Cameron to school is having to drive past the State Arboretum of Virginia on my way back home.

Even though I had a pressing deadline today, I just had to stop in since the Ginkgo Grove is at peak and thus far I haven’t had much luck. Cam and I visited Friday evening on the way home from school, but a bank of clouds on the horizon left me with flat light in the grove, although it made for lovely sunset images.

This morning Peppermint and I took a walk to the grove, and the light was beautiful. We meandered among the Ginkgos, taking in the unique scent and getting our feet wet in the dewy grass. It’s quite an amazing sight to see 300+ Ginkgo trees all in one place, bright yellow and brilliant on a gorgeous fall day…definitely worth a little guilt this morning!


  1. Terri Young

    Tricia, this is a beautiful photo! I LOVE Gingko trees. There are two on the Leesburg courthouse grounds. I didn’t realize there was a grove of them at the Arboretum. Will have to make a trip to see them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, I think I’ve been going here for three years to photograph the trees and this is the best year yet for colors. It also helps that we’ve had a lovely week of fall weather, and the leaves haven’t been blown off in a storm. I have to say this is one of our best fall seasons in ages for photography!

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