Tricia Booker Photography

Then There Was One

Last fawn outside my office window.

For the past several weeks we’ve had a pair of late-season twin fawns hanging out on our property. I watched them each day as they grazed in the back yard and napped in a shady area outside my office window.

I never did see a doe attend to them, so I wondered if they had been orphaned since they were born so close to the fall rut. Sadly, on a foggy morning this week one of the fawns was hit by a car on the road. Now, the remaining twin roams around the yard, keeping a similar schedule of grazing and sleeping but much less animated in its appearance. Before the one twin died, I enjoyed watching them play in the yard together and follow each other single-file on the trails. Now, seeing this one left alone saddens me, because I feel it’s just a matter of time. I’m not sure why, but when there were two they just seemed less vulnerable.


    • I did ask a friend who works for a rescue group. They only take in animals that are injured or abandoned as babies. This one is old enough to fend for itself and survive. My hope is that it will find other deer to hang out with that will “take it in.” Interestingly, I didn’t see it today, so perhaps that is good news!

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