Tricia Booker Photography

Ginkgo Highlight

Ginkgos by the Blue Ridge

I’ve now stopped in at the State Arboretum of Virginia three times this week. We’ve been so fortunate to have perfect fall weather, with glorious days of crisp temperatures and sunny mornings and evenings so it was difficult to just drive on by.

On one of my morning walks with Peppermint, I took a new path and came across a small collection of Ginkgos on the opposite side of the arboretum from the Ginkgo Grove. These trees overlook the Blue Ridge and offered a lovely backlit window to the mountains. I’ve enjoyed exploring new areas in this 172-acre collection of more than 5,000 native and rare trees. Their diverse collection is highlighted by more than 200 kinds of conifers, 162 types of boxwood, the 300-tree Ginkgo Grove and much more. I look forward to continuing my visits and exploring the arboretum in the remaining three seasons.


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