Tricia Booker Photography

White’s Ferry

White’s Ferry morning.

Time has a way of quickly slipping by, and the past few weeks is evidence of this phenomenon. I’ve been out and about with my cameras, but I’ve been so busy with deadlines and projects that posting to my blog has, unfortunately, taken a backseat lately.

I judged a horse show last Sunday in Maryland, one that I look forward to each fall because I have the opportunity to cross White’s Ferry from Virginia over the Potomac River and visit the area in which I grew up.

Thankfully, the ferry was just reopened after Hurricane Sandy blew through and flooded the area, and I was able to enjoy a peaceful, early morning crossing as the only person aboard. I leisurely drove to the horse show, taking the back roads on which I learned to drive many years ago. While there were some new neighborhoods and stores, there are also lots of old, familiar landmarks that allow me to reminisce about those long ago times, the adventures we had and the people I knew.

Crossing the river again on the way home that afternoon, I watched a father, son and their dog disembark from their boat while I waited in line. I wondered if the boy will have those same fond memories of his youth and White’s Ferry when he grows up. I hope so.

White’s Ferry afternoon.


  1. Theses are terrific! I love how the trees and water lead you into the first photo…and the clouds. This is great. I also like the mood you created in the second photo. Well done on both!!! It’s fun to re-visit the places where we grew up and re-kindle many memories.

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