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Winter Walk

Arboretum View

What’s a New Year without a few New Year’s resolutions? One of mine is to get outside more often, and I started today. With the State Arboretum of Virginia on my route to and from Cam’s school, it’s just too convenient not to take advantage of this wonderful place. Our outing also happened to coincide with the beginning of the new A-Z Challenge hosted by Frizztext.

This afternoon, Cam, Peppermint and I walked a portion of the 3-mile road loop. Because the temperature was only 32 degrees, we only stayed out for about 45 minutes. But it was long enough for some exercise and a few photo ops, and Peppermint was thrilled to flush a few birds along the way. I’m planning to spend more time here this year and look forward to seeing the seasonal transitions on my weekly outings.


  1. What a great place to walk and take photos! I am also trying to get outside more often. I have been walking with a friend for several weeks. We are up to an hour per day. I am not letting cold days be an excuse to skip as I have been known to do in the past!

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