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Audubon 2012 Photo Awards – Top 100

I received a surprise in my inbox yesterday when the Associate Editor of Audubon magazine emailed to give me the good news that one of my images had made Audubon’s Top 100 for their 2012 Photo Awards.

What an honor to have a photograph included in this amazing collection, which is posted here. There were more than 6,600 entries, and I’m thrilled to have one included in their top picks.

Although I love photographing horses and horse sports, I must admit I’m growing more intrigued with birds and other wildlife. I love the challenge of capturing a moment in time that you might miss with the naked eye, to see the amazing talents they have developed to survive, along with their stunning natural beauty.

This photo was taken at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida last year, when during a break in the action at the horse show I walked over to an adjacent pond to check out the birds. I followed this Great Egret from the shore as he fished, catching some and missing others. I went back the following day and photographed other birds as well, and they are some of my favorite images from 2012. And since I’m scheduled to return next month, I hope the birds are still there waiting for me!


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