Tricia Booker Photography

Reflections In Pink

Pink Flower

Pink Daisy

After nearly a year since my first visit, I finally returned to the Blandy Photo Club for their January meeting. The club meets monthly at the State Arboretum of Virginia and generally includes members who focus on nature and horticultural photography.

Last night’s theme was indoor macro, and one member prepared a variety of different stations where we could experiment with such items as incense, flowers, kitchen utensils and backgrounds. It was great to stretch my brain cells and try some new skills with the tripod and off-camera lighting. I definitely need some practice in these departments and was grateful for instruction from those more experienced!

At the end of the night, I spent some time with a daisy and glycerine drops, which produced some cool reflections. After taking about 30 images with various settings and compositions, I did find a couple that I liked enough to keep. This is definitely a skill set all its own, and I look forward to learning more about indoor macro as the year progresses.


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