Tricia Booker Photography

Winter Pony

Winter Pony

Winter Pony

Winter is back today, with gray skies and a significant temperature drop. The ponies and horses don’t seem to mind the cold, though, as they grow thick winter coats that help them withstand the elements. In fact, they prefer to be outside in the winter more so than in the summer, when they have the pesky, biting insects around.

January is a good month to be an equine here. Many of us humans prefer to be inside, giving our friends a well-deserved break or a lighter training schedule. It’s time when a horse can just be a horse, and we can catch up on all of those indoor chores we’ve put off, such as cleaning, yard work, taxes and filing. Well, on second thought, maybe it’s time to schedule a ride for later this week…


    • I agree with your thoughts on riding in all seasons. There’s nothing like a fall trail ride and foxhunting on a crisp winter morning. But as for day-to-day riding, I’m definitely a fan of summer over winter! Wow, she’s shedding already…does that mean we’ll have an early spring? I hope so!

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