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This was one of the last photos I took of Toby, a quirky dog owned by my close friend Ginny. Toby died a few weeks ago due to complications from the emergency surgery he had after ingesting a toy.

He was a unique dog and one of Peppermint’s close canine friends, so as a tribute to him I enlarged this image on canvas and sent it to Ginny as a surprise. I see from the FedEx tracking that it’s been delivered and is on her front porch tonight.

I’d known Toby since his puppy days, and he was definitely one-of-a-kind. He hated small children, most other dogs, some adults and was always getting into mischief. But, he was an incredibly loyal dog and simply adored his owner, traveling everywhere with her and tending to her golf cart at horse shows.

Peppermint and I will miss Toby and the walks we used to take together at the horse shows and on the farm, and I hope this image of him brings back fond memories for Ginny. Our dogs don’t ever live as long as we would like them to, so we try to make it the best of times while they’re here with us.


  1. Honore

    What a great picture of Toby and, yes, he was a quirky pooch! What a sweet thing you did by sending this photo to Ginny as I’m sure she loves it. I can’t wait to meet Sailor!

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