Tricia Booker Photography

Peppermint Waits

Peppermint Waits

Peppermint Waits

Peppermint has developed a predictable schedule. On weekdays she stays curled up in bed most mornings while I get Cam up and ready for school before the sun rises, but on weekends or holidays, when we want to sleep in, she’s the first one up and ready for action. If I’m not awake by a “certain” time (whatever that may be in the Jack Russell mind), she pounces on my chest and licks my face until I get up.

This morning I had to grab my camera as she sat by the door, imploring me to get downstairs to let her out. With the sunlight streaming in, it was hard to resist a quick photo. She wasn’t all that amused, though, as not only was I disturbing the set routine, but the squirrels were also out there just waiting to be chased.


    • Thanks, Emily! She’s actually an Australian Jack Russell, so a bit of a mix in her background no doubt. She has some JR traits but not others… I’ve had three JRs and she’s the most laid back, perhaps no surprise from her roots Down Under!

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