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The Centerpiece


Book Club Centerpiece

Even though this lovely arrangement served as a centerpiece on Christy’s table during our Petite Maison Book Club meeting last night, its beauty wasn’t quite enough to distract us from our animated discussion of this month’s book.

Our selection, Josephine by Andrea Stuart, was one of those books that half of the group loved and couldn’t put down, while the other half could barely get through without falling asleep. Therefore, it was the ideal catalyst for discussion on the author’s writing ability and style, as well as our heroine’s life, liberties and adventures from childhood on the island of Martinique to becoming the Empress of France–all in great and abundant (and sometimes sordid) detail.

Of course, as happens in many book clubs, our conversations took many tangents, and an eavesdropper would have marveled at where this story led us…but I digress.

Actually, the best part of being a book club member for me isn’t really the literary aspect, but instead the camaraderie of a great group of women, all somehow fitting time in to read a book they might not have otherwise picked up, while simultaneously balancing real-life commitments. Some read while waiting in the pick-up line at school, others sneak in a chapter during a lunch break or while a child attends soccer practice.

It’s not always that we love the book (I was in that group this time), but it’s that we respect one another enough to give it our best shot. And our book club provides us with a great opportunity to bond and (try) to forget for just a few hours all of the responsibilities we   have waiting for us at work and home (such as a mountain of laundry for several of us). During our book club meetings we enjoy a time-out for friendship along with a great meal–and, of course, having it prepared by someone else is certainly an added bonus!

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