Tricia Booker Photography

Fun Photo Challenge: Wood


Color Efex Pro 4 Wood

I’ve enjoyed working with the Color Efex Pro 4 software this week, and I was inspired to go back into my files. This image was one of those that you take that looks so amazing in real life but then doesn’t really translate through the lens. When I originally worked with it in Lightroom 4, I couldn’t get it to pop, so I set it aside thinking I’d try again.

Well, in Color Efex I finally made it happen. In my mind’s eye, this is the scene I saw at the arboretum on this crisp fall morning. While walking through a dense area of dark evergreens, this colorful oasis came into view. I quickly set up my tripod but could only take a few shots before the magical light vanished. This version may be “too much” for some viewers, but it’s how I want to portray what I saw on this morning, to remember a moment in time that was so quickly here and gone.

I edited this using the Detail Extractor, Brilliance/Warmth and Colorize filters and dropped some contact points in to decrease the opacity in the grass and allow the green to show through.


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